ideas for poultry first aid/emergency kit

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  1. i've been meaning to put together a first aid kit for my birds. i'm leaving for a business trip in 3 weeks and will be leaving my Mother in charge of caring for the birds, so i figured now was a good time to get this together. i raise my birds naturally (no vaccines, no medications unless it can't be avoided, natural/holistic treatments preferred) and am wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips on what all should be included in the kit.

    my thoughts so far:

    vet wrap
    saline solution
    blue kote
    blood stop (do you guys prefer the spray, the powder, or the little gauze squares?)
    surgical superglue (for small cuts)
    water soluble probiotics
    medical tape
    syringes (needle-less)

    i'm sure i'm forgetting something obvious. help fill in the gaps?

    also, would you bother including items for treatment of things like avian botulism that you might feasibly never have to use? i know in situations like that, treatment needs to be done really soon after symptoms appear so would you go ahead and have them on hand?
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