Ideas needed for kennel roofing

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    Apr 23, 2012
    North Grosvenordale, CT
    Now that the winter is coming, I'm trying to think of ways to keep the snow out of the chicken run, right now my girls have a 10x10 dog kennel that they use as a run, I have a elevated bar down the middle of it covered by a tarp for shade and to keep them dry in the rain, the tarp only covers about 90% of it the rest is covered with hard wire keep the hawks out. I've noticed the tarp collecting puddles of rain water so I fear it wont hold up in the winter. I'm hoping some of you may have some ideas on what I should do about this issue. maybe someone has pictue of what they did. any advice will be welcomed. Thank you
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    I am a Tarp user too... I find puddling is diminished if you can stretch the tarp and Yes I get snow in the desert. You can also make a bow top for the run using PVC pipe.

    Good luck

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    I have pretty much same set up, but I have a 4x4 post with a piece of plywood 7"x7" on top to keep from pucturing. My post is about a foot higher than the coop walls. I have no puddling issues. Maybe your center pole just needs to be higher. We don't get a lot of snow here in Oregon but it is very wet, heavy snow when we do. I can sweep all parts of my tarp so if I get snow build up I can easily get it off.
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    I too use a post in middle of pen that is slightly taller than kennel panels. I place a plastic coffee container over end of post so the tarp will not tear. Works well for me in shedding rain and snow.

    If any collects at all just bump the tarp while in the pen and it will bounce off the tarp.
  5. chickenrun1020

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    Apr 23, 2012
    North Grosvenordale, CT
    Thanks for all the replys, looks like i'll leave things be for now and pray it stays

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