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    Dec 24, 2008
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    I have had my Basset Hound for about 2 years now. He will be 3 this August. When I got him he was deathly afraid of men. I brought him pretty much everywhere with me to try to socialize him, but he always hated men. LOVED kids and women. He came from a family who ran a small day care out of their house. Reason for getting rid of him was because "he growled at the kids when he was sleeping" (I take that as they were harassing him when he was sleeping, I would be ticked too!)
    Since I brought him home, he slowly got worse - his fear turned into aggression. I have done everything anyone recommends - ignoring him for 2 weeks, kenneling him whenever he does anything "bad", trying to use a command to distract him from whatever his issue is, being the "dominant dog", spray bottle, ect.
    It was going very well, but then he just went down hill again. He has attacked my brother from day 1, and hated any one with a similar body type. He has always been fine with women and kids, but then a few weeks ago, he attacked them too (note: he was on a leash, so he didn't have the chance to actually bite). Now I'm having issues with him attacking my dad. He has bitten him 2ce today already. He has always been fine with my dad, so I don't know what's changed. He doesn't do any of this with my mum or me.

    I'm getting very frustrated with dealing with it. It's a hard call because he is fine with me, but is so awful with anyone else. I can't find him a new home, because he will bite anyone else who tries to take him...I wouldn't care so much, but it really bothers me that he tried going after a younger child. That is not acceptable.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the issue? I'm thinking I might be talking to my vet shortly if I can't figure something out. I'm not going to lock him in a crate all day, but I can't have him biting people if they come in the house either. Also should add - it is not only in the house, it is anywhere. I can barely bring him for walks anymore where there are people without worrying about who might be around.

    [​IMG] This really sucks, but I think euthanizing might be my only option at this point. [​IMG]
  2. FireTigeris

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    Well if he has other health problems that might be aggressive to others.

    Check his vision?

    um, he sounds miserable otherwise.

    good luck
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    Dec 24, 2008
    New Hampshire
    He's already been checked for health problems more than once. Came up clean except for lyme disease the first time...Has been checked since then and has been fine.
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    May 19, 2008
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    I'm very sorry. But unless you can 100% guarantee he cant bite anyone else again..
    He NEEDS to be put down.
    I know you wouldnt want him to bite someone and get taken from you, from police, and put in a strange be put down alone. Hed be scared and wondering where you were..
    And i know you dont want to live with the memory if he bites a child, and you KNEW he was this way, and could have prevented that child from being bitten.
    I know you wouldnt want to live with that on your conscience...
    I also dont think you want to lose everything you have because he bit someone...
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    Take him back to the vet or find a new vet and get a thorough blood panel done! Check his liver function, thyroid and metabolic panel. everything! You are describing my Bulldog to a "T".
    After a year of this and finding a good vet..came to find his liver enzymes were through the roof, thyroid was low and this played a big part in his aggression!
    We got him leveled out and he is a new dog. If you want to try to keep him, please have this checked and you might be able get him straightened out if medical issues are causing this but my bulldog acted exactlly like this prior to us finding out his liver was smaller than normal his enzymes were very high and his thyroid was low but with meds he is totally different today.
    It is worth a shot to check to see if this might be his problem also. It might not but at least you gave it a try if you are really wanting to try to work with him.
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    Jul 8, 2008
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    I agree. Get a comprehensive blood work up done. Have him checked for joint and back problems. With that said...his aggression would be more towards the general person if his aggression was ONLY a medical issue. This is obviously behavioral if not a combination. If you really don't want to euthanize then you NEED to get some professional help. A trainer/behavior specialist that can and will deal with aggression. It's expensive and there are no guarantees that the dog will improve -- that depends more on how dedicated you are to fixing the issue, and how good your trainer is at seeing where the issue is and giving you a direction to go in.

    Since you have kids and his aggression is getting worse I applaud you for considering euthanizing him. In the end it may be the best thing for you and the dog. Whatever happens until you find a solution, I hope you keep him away from any situation that could be dangerous. Even if he goes to aggress another person, if your kids are in the way its always an issue and potential of an accidental bite. Also when dogs are really going in to an aggressive state of mind they can do a behavior called "displaced aggression" and will attack anything they can get their teeth on. If the dog can't get to the trigger (man that he is afraid of) and you step in to calm him down, he may displace on you or anyone close by. A dog in this state of mind does a lot of damage because its purely reactionary.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dec 24, 2008
    New Hampshire
    Thanks guys.
    I have brought him to a very good vet to get blood work ect done (more than 2ce...VERY expensive!). I do trust them, and they have been very good in the 10+ years we have used them.
    I really don't think it is medical. I think he was either abused as a pup or they never socialized him, and this is where it's coming from. It isn't anyone who comes near him, it's only certain people. If someone is standing there or looking at him that he doesn't like, he will bark/cower/ growl ect until they turn around, then he tries to bite their ankles. He has only ever bitten my dad and brother. I keep him well contained, and careful about people when he is outside on his leash. It is when he starts going after the people he lives with that I really have a problem with.

    Also - I don't have kids, but there are many younger kids that I give lessons to that hang out. He is never loose, but they do come in the house occasionally for drinks/bathroom ect. Or they will walk up when I'm letting him to the bathroom.

    I don't want to put him down, BUT I can't have a trainer work with him, and I can't bring him somewhere to have a trainer help me - he will not let anyone else handle him except for my mum, my ex boyfriend, and me. He gets very upset when people are around him watching as well and won't pay attention....
    He's a very difficult animal [​IMG]
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    Jul 8, 2008
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    Quote:Hmmm...thats why you need a professional to help you. A good dog trainer can work with your dog and get his attention -- I can tell you that I have worked with many dogs as you describe your dog!! Thats what we do [​IMG] Sounds like a bad situation, one that is dangerous. Wish I could help out but I am on the other side of the country.
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    Nov 20, 2010
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    You should watch Cesar Milan...the dog whisperer. Awesome!
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    Quote:Or even contact him. Maybe you could be on his show. It sounds like it's his kind of problem. Good luck!

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