Ideas to incerease feed and water consumption??

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Gabby's chickens are slowly recovering, we hope, from their illness. Still waiting for more test results to come back from the state but right now they are on sulfadimethoxine, as prescribed by our vet who does have avian background. The chickens have lost lots of weight and still have loose poops but better. Their food and water intake has been way down. They do have interest in treats now and are back to buzzing around the coop so we think they are starting to improve. I am sure the antibiotic in the water does not taste good, any ideas for that? They have been interested in treats again, feed them a bit of bread and some scrambled eggs today, other good ideas? I am going to pick up some plain yogurt tomorrow. They have lost so much weight and Gabby is still so worried, she lost two roosters when they first got sick, hopefully they will continue to improve [​IMG]
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    When a few of my hens were looking very skinny and lost condition, I moistened the pellet food so it turned to mush and fed them that, it seems to go down better than the hard pellets when they're not feeding well, and you could probably disguise the antibiotics in it too!
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    I assume you are treating with sulfa.(that stuff) for cocciciosis? I don't believe it has much taste or smell, so I wouldn't worry about that. The cooked eggs are good, bread is not nutritious, so I would cut that out. Good treats would be--plain yogurt mixed with crumble (makes it less messy), good quality cat food in small amounts, or low salt fish, substitute sunflower seed for scratch (corn is not very nutritious), greens such as spinach. Make sure their water is always super clean.
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    No clue if it works for chickens... though I imagine it would. Our parrots get watered down apple juice when we have them out in the summer. They guzzle it down! We have to actually make sure they do not OVERdrink!

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