Identify my mutt's heritage!


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Jul 1, 2008
Portland, Oregon
Hi all,
I know that there's no way that you can ID the breeds that went into the making of a mutt just by eyeballing it, but I find this kind of thing fun so I thought I'd make a thread of it after what happened at this morning's farmer's market.

There I was, shopping and chatting with neighbors, when I saw a dog that had a lot of the same qualities as my Marla, who I have previously decided might be a German Shepherd/Doberman mix. But I know this might not be the case...I see a lot of possibilities in her. Maybe Australian Shepherd instead of German, maybe some lab, maybe not some lab...who knows? But the dog I saw at the market, when I asked his owner what it was, he said it was a wolf hybrid. That had me sort of stunned, because a part of me has always wondered if my Marla is a bit wolfy. Anyway, here's a link to an album of pictures I took of her today. What do you guys think? I don't know if this helps, but Marla is between 50 and 60 lbs, 2.5 years old, and she was born with double dew claws on both back legs.

Also, pardon the state of my backyard in those pictures. We've had zero time to dedicate to it this summer and it's a jungle!
Shepard mix, touch of Husky, with a tad of doberman. She looks like she can run!
To me she kinda looks like she could be a coyote hybrid...and I see something in her face that says lab to me, but I'm probably way off on all of it.
A classic Brown Dog.
An old and distinguished breed, loved for centuries. Dog as it should be, when left to their own devices. From a long line of dogs who's mother's never married ;D

Just so you know, wolf hybrids rarely have any dewclaws. Which is good, wolf-hybrid sounds way cooler then it is, lots of them are fear biters (please, hybrid owners don't flame me, I'm sure YOURS is the exception to the rule!!
: )
Double dewclaws? Maybe a lab back there somewhere? Some hounds have double dew claws, and the huge ears don't generally carry too far down the line.

LOL, my new pup looks JUST like a border collie. His mother looked like (no joke) a cross between a red heeler (Australian cattle dog) and an Italian greyhound. His dad was big and black and only glimpsed briefly. Who knows what he'll look like when he grows up? I love the way his former owners described him. They told me he was a cross between a potlicker and a traveling salesman.

We'll just chalk it up with all the rest of the things we theorize about and may never really know, like why the sky is blue.
She looks like a real sweetie.
from what I have seen with wolf hybreds is they dont all look the same,,where I am from there are many people that have them,,some look like GSDX and some look like purebred but pet quality siberian husky's..all of them where very nice dogs tho,,our neighbor had one and a stranger couldnt get out of their car,,when I went there the first time to borrow a tool when the owner wasnt home he asked me how I got into his house to get the tool...I told him I stopped at McDonalds first and that his dog LOVED french
I will take a gander... I say...

1.5 cups of shepard, probably a mix of german and siberian husky
A teaspoon of Pit Bull (I do see some in her)
A pinch of labrador? Probably chocolate or yellow.

Blend with a few extra spices thrown in, that's my guesses
Thanks guys! All good guesses. I like the coyote suggestion...that I hadn't thought of. And I agree, mutts are the best, but so unpredictable that I think next time I might end up going with a purebred just to see if the experience is different.

I honestly wouldn't be thrilled about having a wolf hybrid. I know I have good control over my girl, but she is a big challenge and I would be a little more frightened about her particular behavioral problems if I thought she were somewhat wild. One thing's for certain, I'm not a great dog trainer, I'm not very consistent, and I don't do well with dogs that need to be dominated, so I think I'd be a crappy wolf hybrid owner.

I've heard the pit bull suggestion before, back when she was a puppy. Her face kind of wrinkles the way a Pitty's does.

And Theoldchick, yes, she SURE can run. It's a shame we can't take her out running more than we do. With a new baby and a tiny car and the rainy Portland weather, we just haven't been able to take our dogs to the dog park or hiking in months. I feel bad, but I know they'd rather be at home with me than they would be if I tried to rehome them.
I see possibly some shepherd, maybe husky, but if its' there it's minimal. I also see some Dobie and one picture of her makes her look a tad greyhoundish (or whippit) with her ears folded up.

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