identifying chicks and SLW sex link question?


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Chatom, Alabama
well i have 25 silvered laced wyandotte chicks that i can't really tell apart. will fingernail polish on a toe hurt them? or maybe food coloring on a toe? i can pretty much give each a "toe code" to tell each of them apart with only 2 toes colored if it won't hurt them.

also i have 2 basic types of chicks. some have white neck, breast, and wings. they tend to be more aggressive and will rush each other and see who is taller. i'm guessing these are the roos. the others are all duller colored. they seem less aggressive. i haven't seen them do the hight contest thing either. i'm guessing these are the hens. if anyone knows if i'm just being self deluding let me know. also should i post this question in the what am i forum?
The toenail polish is ok but don't think it will last long. Checking to see who is taller, ya the little roos
I was told that nail polish on the toes/feet would become a pecking target for the others so I don't know if that would be a good idea.

I have heard of people putting food coloring on the top of the chicks' heads though, that sounds safe.

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