idky there not laying good

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    it'll be a year this june that ive had my 1st flock of hens since im a backyard chicken farmer. well ive got 5 golden comet hens that are somewat slow on egg numbers this year idky laat year when i got them i was geting lots of eggs each day total number of eggs i got last year my 1st year with laying hens 408 [​IMG] this year kinda slow [​IMG] any ideas why they slowed down
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    Mine were doing that too. Getting 6-7 eggs from 11 hens. I gave them some flock raiser since it has more protein in it and today got 10 eggs. If the next few days are like this I'll be changing their feed to a higher protein feed.

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    Commone trait in all Sex-Link Breeds. However, with my six RSL hens, I have not experianced this at all and this is there fourth year. They have slowed down some around the end of they're laying last year compared to years before. I have asked a million and one questions to every type pf expert there is concerning this and I posted the advice of one of them in a thread here on BYC.

    Another thing that could be occuring is lack of water or water quality. RSL's tend to lay a larger egg with a higher water percentage than most breeds. **The average Leghorn egg is around 83-85 percent and the RSL is about 88-90%** The RSL hens I have refuse to drink from water that has stood over night or is not crystal clear. Most chickens dont care to drink from a sewer. I give my girls fresh clear water as often as I can. And in hot water twice as much. This works when there is an egg production problem and in a few days she lays fine agian.

    Hope this helps....

    Timothy in KY

    **From my vet and close friend**

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