IDSO: small/chick size/game foul pinless peepers/blinders and reg size pinless.


7 Years
May 22, 2012
Pleasant Hill, Tn
My Coop
My Coop
IVDSO pinless peepers.

I searched so many sites and I don't need 100, can't spend what they are asking, so I got to wondering if anyone may have some here.
I guess I need around 20? This is my first post in the b/s/t forum here but I have 100% fb on diaperswappers and e-bay. used is fine with me as long as they are in useable/functional condition. Don't want something falling off. :) I was able to find the ones on e-bay for $2 for 5 of them but they were the average size. Not sure what to offer as these things are bases on condition? Plus shipping.

Update, I managed to find a small order last night for game bird size. Still looking for a cpl more and some reg size though. Lol, I found the edid tab.

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