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These are my new chicks. :) I know that you really wanted some pics so, I've dedicated a whole entire thread to them. (sad thing is, is that they don't know or care xD)

So, not all of them are on here, but I'll give weekly updates of them. All of dads meat birds (BO's and BA's) are named Mr. Ingalls (BO's) and Eugene (BA's).

Nate's turken; I don't remember her name, lol.

His Ancona; unnamed.

His bantam Cochin. We are unsure as to what she is; also unnamed. (as you can see, he insisted on adding a lego man)

He has lot's more, but I didn't happen to get them. I'll get them later.

Now, for a few of mine...

My Mottled Houdan; she's soooo adorable. I have no idea what to name her! Idea's would be nice..

For some odd reason, she wanted to stand really tall for the picture, xD..looks a little rooish here.

Blue Cochin bantam. I'm hoping a hen!

Here she is again...fluffy as ever.

Blue Andalusian...? Mcmurray must've given me an extra one...I ordered two, and now have three from them. Lydia, this is the one that reminds me of G.

Aloof...standoffish...shy...yeah, that's G.

My feed store EE, Amber. EE's are my new favorite breed!

My dear, dear, Turken; Polly.

Look at her fluffy butt! I love Miz Polly Pocket, who's very fluffy indeed.

Australorp pullet? I hope..her name is Emmaline. :D

The three hip Andalusians. Left; Anne, middle; cock, right, pullet.


Rosie Cotton. Who may actually be a cock. >.<

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Oh my goodness Olivia those are so cute!!!!!!!!! I love the second picture of the one that reminds you of Gabe. Mel and T where looking over my shoulder and when they saw the turken they said "oh my goodness they are so ugly! in a cute sort of way" The lego pic is ASORABLES!!!! my absoulute favorite is the one that is standing up really tall. I love them all! now I need a picture of Rosie Cotton!!
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