Idylwilde chickenyard (pic heavy)


12 Years
Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
Just wanted to share some pic's of my chickenyard.
I extended it this summer. I added about 70' of net fencing at an angle so that the chickens had some open sun space between the spruces and white pines and we moved the wooden fence that separated the chicken yard froward to the corner of the shed making our "backyard" smaller. We can't free range our girls since we have neighbors close on the left plus loose dogs, racoons, fox and coyotes but as you can tell they have plenty of rooming room. For whatever reason, we haven't had any trouble with fox or anything else digging under the fence or tearing through it. I think having the chickens so close to the house helps plus we are home a good part of the time. Hawks seem to be our major problem this time of year. The juveniles are on their own now and are always zooming through the trees scaring my girls half to death.






There is more yard to the right with more another net shelter and a tarp shelter so that the girls can run under it in case of a hawk attack. They can also go under the tarp if it rains and they don't want to go back to the shed/coop. Thanks for looking!

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