if a 2 week old chick has more "robust" feet... is it a boy?

It's hard to say, actually. Signs of roo-ness are more cumulative than singular. You can always have hens that may show one or two signs of 'rooness' but when examined overall, end up being hens.

Post a pic of your baby, and we'll take a look and give you our opinions :)
Here are some pictures.
She? is an EE (I believe...), 2 weeks old. Can't really tell from the photos but she has "thicker" feet than the other chicks I have.

She's really bold, adventurous, and not so scared of hands.
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It's much to young to be guessing age. Big think legs can sometimes indicate male, but there are always those pullets who have "manly" legs as well. Post new pictures in a few weeks, and we'll be able to help out a lot more.

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