If anyone goes to the Alligator Park in Fl, they will see my chicks...

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    No... not as alligator food...... [​IMG] The St. Augustine Alligator & Zoological Park has a few of my Silkies and one of my Self Blue D'uccles for their educational building. I am so proud of them, my babies helping educate people about the love of chickens. They have had them for a few months now and were asking my opinion on their weight and I rambled on about the different wormers etc... they wanted to start them on Ivomectrain, but they were worried about their age. I told them of Corid and Safeguard and how one treats chickens for things etc... bla bla bla. People are always telling me I should have been a vet, but sometimes I surprise myself with all I have learned...... If you go to the farm - say i know those Silkies & D'uccle they are from the Chicken zoo..... he he [​IMG]
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    yayy! COngratulations [​IMG] sorry I cant go to Florida right now.
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    You must be so proud! [​IMG]
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    Wow! That is so cool! [​IMG] [​IMG] How did you get them to be there?
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    They were looking for some chickens and saw my ad..... hehe. They liked all the different breeds I had and the information I could give on them. I haven't went yet to see them, it will be kind of cool... LOL
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    THAT IS SOOO COOL!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:AWESOME !!! [​IMG]

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