If anyone remembers Acre of Blessings, I'm her daughter!

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    Feb 14, 2016
    I didn't know where to post this because I haven't been on this site in years, so here I am!

    I don't know if many remember my mom, or even me for that matter. But here is a little back story.

    My name is Heaven, My mom is Angela.
    We had chickens, and goats at the time. Since then we have upgraded to Chickens, Goats, Piggies, We had Bunnies at one point, but not anymore! My dad also raises Honey Bees and hopefully we will soon have some baby goats!
    My mom was on this site a lot when she wasn't outside fooling with the animals.

    But here's whats been going on since then -- Long story very short. [​IMG]

    November of 2011 I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML - Blood and Bone Cancer that is very rare in children) when I was 12.
    I went into remission, and a year and a few days later I relapsed. They could not get me back into remission and I was sent to Duke University to the Childrens Hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant in January of 2013. Again, long story short. I'm blessed to be alive today because I was told multiple times that I would not make it, and it was a very traumatizing event. Today as of Febuary 14th, 2016 I am Cancer Free! and trying to live my life as normally as possible. Since then I've had AVN in my hip and knees, which caused me to have to get a hip surgery, a knee surgery and eventually a hip replacement on the same hip I had surgery on beforehand. But to heck with that!

    Mom, Dad, and I are still on our little acre with our many furbabies and loving it! Will post pictures as soon as I am able to get some of all of our animals. [​IMG]
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    Aug 17, 2015
    Congrats on beating cancer! I am on this website quite frequently and love chatting with people. I have three boer goats, one very pregnant female with twins. I have a flock of about 25 turkeys, and a chicken flock of about 200 mixed birds for our small egg business. We sell locally to a natural market and I sell hatching eggs. Glad you could join!

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