If chickens could speak.....

Mrs. Feathers

13 Years
Apr 2, 2010
....she would be saying "I am going inside to NOT lay an egg for you". Over 26 weeks now and no eggs....
with that big fluffy butt surely the day is coming?

OH MY! What a gorgeous girl!! She's very regal, what kind is she? Cochin?
Hopefully not much longer...it looks like her comb and wattles are turning red. She'll probably sneak one in on you.
She is stunning. My BAs aren't nearly as feathered out as she is. Their combs and wattles are bigger and brilliant red though. She still has a bit to go but if she's anything like my girls, she'll be a laying machine.
She is a Black Australorp and very sweet despite the stinkeye look I am getting from her in that photo. I had a very handsome roo that I wanted to pair with her but sadly he became a pain with my very spoiled girls and hitched a ride on the freezer camp bus.
Here is one of her sisters....I am so excited to get our first egg! Hopefully soon. They are 26 weeks now.
They are looking pretty ready!
And once they get going, it is on like Donkey Kong!
Mt girls have been laying less than 3 weeks and I got 5 eggs from 6 girls today (first time!). For the past week it has been 3 almost every day.
They do have the sweetest dispositions, and are wonderful friends!
So very sorry to hear about the roo not working out. I would love to find a Romeo to my Juliets, but for now, I am content with eggs. Later for some chicken math of the "making babies" variety!

Enjoy, and know, eggs are forthcoming!
How many BAs do you have?
We have been searching the run daily and their favorite under the coop hangout daily.....unless they have been burying them...they are quite gifted of course
awww Mrs Feathers, you sound just like me when I refer to my ladies!
They are gifted!
(I wondered about the hidden nest, as well. Mine started earlier, so I wondered if maybe there weren't a few hidden somewhere, with them at 26 weeks)
Keep an eye out on the Full Moon. I have heard twice of hens picking that time to get underway. Once, it was my own!

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