If Hawks eat chickens...will they eat my kitty, also?


Jun 8, 2020
Just lately three hawks sit on my black chain link fence waiting for my kitty to come out and they swoop after him. I have been lucky so far. They are "keeying" one of them anyway. Since they go after chickens, I guess they could prey after my kitty, too?
May 9, 2020
Clark County, KY
Yes, I am very concerned about small animals around hawks and owls. Couple years ago when our Blue Heeler had pups, we noticed an uptick in hawk and owl presence around our yard. Very common to see them around here but, not quite that close so often. We were afraid to let them outside for very long. The mother dog would literally watch the sky for them and would run and bark below them. A black vulture also swooped down very close to the pups and that may have started the mothers vigilance in watching for them to this day she will bark and try to chase any large bird she sees. One morning about daylight we let the mother out before the pups and and she immediately started barking a tree bark as I call it. There was a Great Horned Owl sitting on the fence staring her down. I am certain that the small pups would have been targets for any of those type birds and their presence drew them to the area.

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