If I Loose my home where will my pets live......

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    Dec 27, 2008
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    There isnt alot of help ot there. See i started this "hobby"' i should name it, last year. Now i just cant stop getting more and more chickens..lol.. so
    i was thinking...

    This work year has been sooooo crappy for me ive made about a 5th of what i made last year in gross only. But, ive been holding on to strong faith and what little i can come up with. Im still hanging in there, barely but hanging. My next door neighbor just went into foreclousure. He has two dogs a few cats, birds reptiles pretty much a zoo. lol I have way more.....lol a big zoo

    anyways he cant take the animals because he now has to move to an apartment, move out and the home is repossed by the bank..so he gave his animals to his family and some shelters and what not.. but he has regular pet animals.. Regular as in dogs, cats, small birds, fish, and so on.

    I have pheasents, chickens, turkeys, chinchillas, fish, snakes, i also have a nigerian dwarf goat, two peak cocks and two ferrets, two turtles and many koi fishes in a pond outside.
    where would i bring my animals too if i cant make my mortgage or anything like that and i loose my home. I mean they are family already so where do i place them, who do i contact. Are there farms you can rent until things settle. I dont know what i would do in this situation do you? I mean im good but what if How can i be prepared for my animals...

    thanks and no just killing and eating them until i run out of meat isnt a good answer..lol
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    [​IMG] It's my belief that animals and pets are to be part of the income that come secondarily after required bills are met. There are shelter groups, some that accept farm type animals, in these situations.
    I hope your situation improves.

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    I would one take stock of all the animals. If theirs any that you won't miss much rehome them. That way there less mouths to feed. You can find farms to rent sometimes. If you had to move into an apartment you might be able to keep your caged pets but that's it. I would talk your friends and family about the possibility of them keeping them for you. Maybe one of the shelters has a foster program and would be able to help out till you could take them back. Just some thoughts.
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    Apr 11, 2008
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    If you're getting close to that point, I would start rehoming any animals you can. List chickens for sale, etc. It will also cut down on bills by having less animals. You'd be likely to find a place that allows turtles, ferrets, that sort of thing. You'd have to sell the livestock most likely. There are farm sanctuaries but they are often overwhelmed with animals.
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    Dec 16, 2008
    if you really feel like you may loose your home then you should start selling off all but the essentials now. If things get better you just fire up the bator, but if things get worse it will be a lot off your mind if you are down to just your favorites. If you have smaller numbers and they are your best of the best perhaps you would be able to kjeep a few and the rest should not be to hard to find good homes for. If crap really hits the fan for you there will be more to worry about so you dont want to be overwhelmed just with your pets alone.
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    This is going to be the story of the future. Where can I put my pets, I am losing my home theme. It's not a lot of these people's faults they are losing their homes. We can thank the big mortgage lenders back in 2002-2006 or so that gave BIG bucks to people on homes that weren't worth the loan amount. Now, innocent people are losing their jobs and thus, their homes and all that goes with it. And to think we bailed them out, and they still are charging people for their losses . . .and this story came from across the water, not here in the good ole' USA. Be aware, be very aware. Hard times are coming.

    I agree that Pets are a secondary, but if a person was able to pay their mortgage and still support their pets without a hardship, then this a tragedy.

    I hope and pray that everything will be ok for you.

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    Dec 27, 2008
    new britain
    Again thanks but im doing good, i just wondered what if but thats not anyways near my future..lol

    but i did give some of my pets away already tho.. thanks for the advice..hope you guys are all ok.. hopefully this will never happen but again we never know.
    And well stressed i cant be because my chickens are a show of themselves and my fam loves them..jeje..laterz
    thanks for the prayers will do the same for you guys, gals,,
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    if you are not active already on boards specializing in those animals, get there- on my rat board we have fostered others rats until their situations improved- evey single time this has happened the situation DID improve that the mommy/daddy could get their babies back.

    So get on the dwarf goat, ferret, turtle boards, the nicest communities you can find, become active- then if something happens you have an option.

    You might consider volunteering at your place of worship to raise a 'community farm' mark with bands the 'breeders' (your pets) and the rest can be used by those who are in need, weather meat or eggs- have the church help pay for feed that way and you do the 'husbandry' for the animals... then you know they are providing you and your church with eggs and funny antics- meat when in dire times.

    Or for the "livestock" like was said foster out the special one, pay the 'debt' of food and all with the ones that are not pets.

    (This is Henny, one day I hope to be able to get her back, but I know you raise *blank* to help support your flocks/home/money, so please accept these other birds as payment towards Henny's food and shelter till I can retrieve her.)

    This is the best solution I have.

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    Dec 27, 2008
    new britain
    Quote:i saw a show where a couple married bought a home for 120 it boomed up to 450 grans the home value. they got an equity loan payed their bills, took some vacations, upgraded the house and what not. this year their home was valued at 89 grand.... what a mess they where in...lost their home, and hada300 debt instead of the initial120..out of controll...

    so yeah totally agree with ya it isnt their fault but its just soo bad out there..we dont know how long its going to take until we get our feet back where we were a few years back...
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    Nov 3, 2007
    I don't know the answer. I am over run with animals from relatives who are in similar situations. I am tending to 8 dogs (6 are 3 week old pups) and 2 cats that are not mine. I got a miniature pig coming from my cousin in a few days. Sis is looking for forever homes for her dogs and I am giving the cats a forever home. My cousin is just dropping the pig off until he can move from where he is at. Between my animals and these other animals I don't have alot of room and stay busy.

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