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If you set eggs in the morning, the day you set them is day 1. If set in the afternoon/evening, day 1 is the next day. Basically, the eggs are due 3 weeks later, the day before
So if they are set on Friday, they should hatch on Thursday, and so on.

Day 1 starts when you put the eggs in the bator. So if you want to be technical, if the eggs are set on Saturday at 5 p.m., they would be due 3 weeks later on Friday at 5 p.m. Hope this helps
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I'm having a hard time seeing with all the chicks in there. I think one is not moving, but last night when I was trying to candle I bumped one egg against the light and formed a small crack (I am trying the candle wax over it). I decided not to risk candleing these guys with my clumsy hands. I added water last night, and the temp this morning was down to 95 so when I tried to get it back up, this afternoon it shot up to 104. I am stressing out..

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