If I were a peep.... "The Best Broody Chook"

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    In honor of Mothers Day let us celebrate/honor/praise our best Broodies and their hard work of setting/hatching and raising a new generation of fuzzy butts for us to enjoy. [​IMG]

    I have a Barnevelder broody who is The Best Broody mom. I have been delighted and amazed watching her raise 10 adopted peeps. If I were a peep I'd want her for my mom. Though we gave her peeps, she sat diligently on some fake eggs until we brought her some babies. Accepted them fm me though it was the middle of the day and busy in the coop. Watching over and protecting them but allowing me to clean up, move and help when one of her peeps got into one scrape or another. Once we released them fm the brooding corner she took on all other chooks if they infringed on her broods snacks. As they grew, she gave them more room to find their way in the flock but watched and stayed close to come to their aid if it was truly needed. She found a roosting corner where they could all cuddle together when the time came. She accepted other peeps into her watchful care when their mom abandoned them at 3 wks. She allowed a new little roo into her nightly cuddle when he was newly brought into the flock and was scared and alone. Though she now has moved up and away fm her brood at roosting time she still allows one or two to join her on her new roost. They're just not ready to loose mom quite yet and she seems to understand. She continues to stay close by and when the little ones cuddle up for a mid day nap she stands watch over them. I love that she has taken the time to let them grow and didn't push them away as soon as they feathered out. [​IMG] I hope she is with us for a very long time.

    Do you have a "Best Broody Mom" ?
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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    silkie cross heavy breed...
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    Oct 21, 2007
    It's a tie between Goldilocks (silkie/cochin) cross & my blue bantam cochins who incubated & are broodying 11 fuzz butts together (same corner, same nest). [​IMG]

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