If you could buy any new cell phone...


9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
Chester County, PA
what one would you buy?

My cell is on it's last leg. It's a 4 year old D & G razor, without texting and internet. Prior to that I had a blackberry ( I hated the keyboard) and before that a T-Mobil Sidekick which i loved but t_mobil's service is just so terrible where I live.

The new Iphone ($199) is loaded with things I'll never use but the old one is still $149! Maybe it'll drop on the 25th when the new ones come out.

I am open to anything...but would like a good quarty keyboard if I'm going to pay $15-$20 extra for the data service.

I'll even switch to verizon if they have a great phone.

Does anyone have one they just love?

i hate my cell phone!!! my bill!!! everything!! so i would not reccomend it!!!

okay i feel good now.
I detested my Iphone so much that when my daughter expressed an interest, I gave it to her immediately. I was having to charge it at least once a day, hated the keyboard ( I can't imagine how men with large fingers utilize the keyboard), and it had no indicator light to tell me that there was a message waiting( like my Blackberry). The games and various apps were fun but chewed up the battery big time. I wanted to back over it with my truck. Give me a Blackberry Pearl anyday.
Only the IPhone for DH and I. He's had one of each on the first day they have come out. Nice thing is, he is able to sell the old one on Ebay each time for more than he's actually paid for it. Last year, sold it in 6 seconds, this year 6 minutes. Not bad!! He's in IT, so he puts it through the paces. Very excited about the new one. He's getting the $299 one.
My friend is an absolute phone addict and he absolutely loves that Droid. I have an LG dare (touch screen/good camera), but looking back, I wish I'd gotten the Voyager(Touch screen + folds in half lengthwise for a full keyboard. Nice big keys too.). There's a(or more) droid(s) coming out. I've heard of the incredible (coming out soon) and the shadow which my phone loving friend told me about, but I haven't seen anything yet.

ETA: These are verizon. I love verizon. I have very few issues with service anywhere I or my family go. Illinois, Maine (all those little states up there, really), Oklahoma, Montana, South Dakota, and my own home state of Texas do just fine.
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My wife and I both use a Samsung Moment which is one of the Google Android phones. We like them rather a lot. Internet access and a surprisingly good camera.

Where I live the network is more important than the phone. We had originally wanted an I-phone, but that means AT&T which has poor coverage in the rural areas of Florida. Sprint has the best so we started looking at their phones and found the Droids. Just bought a 16gig chip for mine so I can take it on the Safety Patrol trip without having to worry about running out of memory.

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