If you cross an Ameraucana rooster w/ a Buff Orp hen, what color eggs?


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
We have an Ameraucana rooster and some Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, and Barred Rock laying hens. We are hatching eggs from all 3 breeds. Will the resulting chickens from the cross breeding end up laying green/blue eggs?

I would love to hear about some of your cross breeding experiences!
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If it's a true Ameraucana rooster that carries the blue egg gene, and you cross him with a brown egglayer, you'd probably get some green egglayers. If he's an EE, possibly some would lay green and some brown. And they could be all brown, depending on what's in the genetic makeup of the EE roo.
Actually, after doing a lot of looking around on here, I'm starting to think our Ameraucanas are EE's. They were sold to us by a chicken farmer as Ameraucanas but they don't resemble the ones I have seen pix posted of on here. I guess it will just be a neat surprise! Thanks!

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