If you hatch egg and the ROO is a EE and hen is a sex link would the chick

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  1. When it matured lay blue eggs like a EE.

    I don't have a rooster just pullets but while looking at the ladies I got to wondering what the results would be from that breeding.
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    There is some evidence that if the resulting hens have a pea comb, that it is linked to the blue/green egg gene.
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    with the EE Roos as they are mutts its very hit and miss

    but as NT states above peacomb is associated hand in hand with blue egg gene so if your offsring are peacombed then expect green eggs

    if single comb then its hit and miss till they actually lay and confirm the colour
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    And all of that assumes that the chick grows up to lay eggs at all [​IMG]

  5. Lol it was hypothetical as I don't have a roo anyway. Next year I'm going to try to get a roo though and hatch some eggs

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