If you have free range bitties, brace yourselves.....


Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Today I saw daddy Coopers hawk escorting daughter as she flew about his hunting territory. He and his old lady should have two or three more bitties that will very shortly be hunting for themselves. The young hawks may not be very competent at first but if chicken chicks do not have cover and adults, especially a rooster,around, then expect to loose a few.
Raptors are raising their young right now so it's a very dangerous time of year for any free ranging birds. Hawks learn to stalk their prey by hiding in bushes or other cover and then jumping down and herding their prey into a place they can grab them. The young raptors are a lot more inept and often miss on their first tries, but if I see hunting raptors in our area in May or June, I keep my birds safely locked in their pen.
When Coopers come looking for bitties, my flocks head for heavy cover. If Cooper is brazen enough to follow, game cock is waiting as a very capable adversary on the ground under conditions where he has all the advantages. From what I have seen. the Coopers not foolish enough to persist with hunt. No quality rooster or inadequate cover, then you gonna have to have rely upon confining flock.
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