If you have gone dumpster diving for your chickens, raise your hand!


Crazy "L" Farms
11 Years
Jun 11, 2010

OK I admit it, I eyeball piles of stuff "next" to dumpsters to see if they are useable. I spotted a great wooden box next to the dumpster across the street from my work yesterday and today we are taking it home to use as a brooder. I told DH about it last night and he just started laughing. I knew what he was thinking and I told him, "Yes I will go dumpster diving for my chickens!"
He laughed some more but we did drive his truck in to work today to bring the box home!
Nice! My DH picked up some wood off the side of the road the other day to build a duck nest box. He was pretty proud of it, too.
You can't beat free!
Years ago my Father owned a business next door to the hatchery. My Stepmother (kindest heart person) Would rescue actual birds from the dumpster! If the weather was right, culled eggs would hatch out.

They had a farm and she had all manner of fowl.

Enjoy your treasure!
I am always looking at things in a "chicken use" sort of way.
My DH brought home a huge dog kennel the other day that he found on a job site. It had a crack in it but he is fixing it. So I have the rest of the family on the look out too.
I know what you mean Daisychick. We have a long ride home from work every day and I am always checking out sheds in people's yards and thinking, that would make a nice coop.

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