If You Have Silkie Hatching Eggs Or Know Someone Who Does Look Here!

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    Sep 26, 2010
    South Georgia
    I got a little giant still air incubator for christmas and i will want to hatch some silkies in february or march. If you have any silkie eggs for sale that meat the description below i wrote below please post! Here is the descriptions for the silkie eggs i want.

    1. I definatley want white silkies. I also would like to have buff and lavendar also. The perfect setup would be 4 or 5 white silkie eggs 3 or 4 buff eggs and 3 or 4 lavendar eggs.
    3. I would like for the parent stock to be small and have all the good characteristics a good silkie should have.
    4. I would really like for you to post the fertility percentage of your eggs before i buy.
    5. One of the most important is that i do not want any expensive eggs. The most i would like to pay is around 2$
    6. Also below post some pics of the parent stock so i will know what the chicks will look like.

    Thank you for looking and by the time mid february to march comes around i will contact you to let you know about the eggs.
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