If you like Firebirds/Trans Ams, you'll appreciate this...

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    My first new car was a firebird, 1987, red, with t-tops... I was skimming through local auctions and found this one: A family owned car dealership is being cleared out, including their main display, a 1979 10th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am “Y89” with only 6.7 miles! Evidently it was delivered in March of 1979 and hasn't seen pavement since. DH was [​IMG] when I showed him the pics. He's betting it'll go for $40-50K (no reserve auction). I think we're going to go, just to watch the bidding. Here's the link to the pics.: http://www.beckortauctions.com/index.php?subp=1&sct=1548&pg=ap&pid=22184&ap_sub=fp

    the auctioneer's description:
    FEATURE: A true time capsule, it’s like stepping back in time! A 1979 10th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am “Y89” with only 6.7 miles! This Pontiac has not seen pavement since its delivery on March 21, 1979 and is still housed on the former dealership’s showroom floor.

    One of only 1,817 in production, this silver ’79 Trans Am 400/4 speed manual transmission car is a true survivor, and has virtually remained untouched, except for routine maintenance. The car still has its factory installed steering wheel and seat covers. It sells with original battery and Goodyear Polysteel radials still intact. The original keys have not yet been punched out.

    Documentation is quite extensive and includes: dealer data sheet, delivery card, factory invoice, original window stickers (still in place), numerous pieces of sales literature, service manual, supplement sheet, etc. It doesn’t get any better than this if you appreciate low-mileage all original survivors -- maybe the lowest mileage one in existence!

    Original MSRP: $10,619.55
    VIN: 2X87Z9N157727
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    Oooohhhh!!! Wow!! Would LOVE to have that car! [​IMG]
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    Oh WOW! Sure does bring back memories in HS where the jocks roared in the parking lots with these muscle cars!
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    My first real car was a 1999 pontiac firebird. Black. Test drove it with 3 miles on it, bought it and still own it.

    It has its share of issues but sure loks good [​IMG]
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    I always like the camaros. I had a 76 and then a 79. Problem was, low down cars and country boys don't mix. I kept ripping the transmission pans out on dirt roads. [​IMG] That 79 would flat out fly though. It's a wonder I didn't kill myself in that one.

    My next car was an amc eagle like the one below. I couldn't get there as fast but I could go anywhere I wanted.

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    Wow! That car is a real gem! I had a 2001 Firebird convertible for a while. I loved that car but it was so impractical so I finally traded it for a truck.
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    My brother still owns his red 86 firebird and drives it all the time.
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    I use to have a 1978 model... I had shoehorned a 60 over bored out 500 big block out of a Cady Limo down in to mine. Car was a deathtrap waiting to bite. Cops kept pulling me over cause of the huge shaker an the distributor sticking threw the hood...
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    Apr 1, 2011

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