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    Check out my page https://www.facebook.com/AshlynnAndDucks/! I foster them and we have 30+ in the backyard most days.

    Also...meet Wire!!


    On the morning of September 14, 2016 I went to Bird Rescue in search of new foster ducklings, I picked some up who had only just been rescued earlier that morning, their mother had been hit by a car. For the first few days everything was fine but then the problems started...a horrible respiratory disease was among them and sadly all of Wire's siblings passed away. Wire and another one of his siblings who passed had wry neck. Wire was very, very sick but somehow he managed to survive. We had to keep clearing his nostrils often and medicate him. He slept in my room for awhile and I would hear him wheezing and have to wake up throughout the night to clear his nostrils.

    Thankfully Wire got over the worst of it and was able to venture outside and have his very own outdoor enclosure! He was very intrigued by five other ducks we had at the time, two were Rowdy and Willow (who I had rescued from a drain) and their three friends (who were left in the backyard by their mother). After a few weeks Wire was SO eager to get out of his enclosure and was quite lonely so he was released with the first group of five. Sadly they did not like Wire and pecked at him and chased him around the backyard! I caught him again and put him back in his enclosure.

    Then we had a thought...I had recently rescued four little ducklings from a drain. What if I put them outside so they could create another group of five with Wire? We put them all in the outdoor enclosure for about a week before we released them into the backyard. They all stuck together, and Wire was (and still is) the leader!

    Wire is different to other ducks as his quack is unique and he also honks and squeaks, think is due to the respiratory problems he once had. Apart from that he is perfectly fine! He is very friendly. When he lived inside he would regularly sit on me when I was lying in bed. He was very good too, only pooed on me once and it was right after I was told that he would! Haha.

    Wire is also going to be featured on the pet page of That's Life magazine very soon! I am very proud of him [​IMG]

    Here he is on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIU9IBJlxR8
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