If you live in a cold climate like Illinois, will a metal shed work?

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    I am not going to be able to use one section of my barn like I thought for a chicken house, so I know building one is going to be out of the question, we aren't even done with the barn, and we started it in March of 09! Anyway, I can't afford to buy one of the nice wooden ones, unless I sell a really nice property, so if I could find a CL's metal shed and insulated it and put in a wooden floor, would that be warm enough for the chickens, if I use heat lamps or something similar? I am heartbroken over not having something already to use, and I know if this isn't going to be a good option, then I probably won't get chickens this year either. DH is disabled and just not able to do like he use too. I could do a lot myself, but then he gets involved and tells me what I am doing wrong, and I should . . . oh heck, you all know what I mean!!!!!!
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    Good luck figuring it all out.
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    Well...we have metal skinned workshops and a metal skinned garage, so I don't see why not. But it would definitely need to be insulated, and the insulation covered, and I don't know how difficult that would be (our buildings are wood framed)??? I'm sure it's doable if you are up to the renovations... Good luck!
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    I'm not sure what kind of metal shed you're thinking of. I built one last year, and I'll never do it again. The process was fussy, the shed is flimsy, and it cost more than it should have. I think for $300 I could have slapped some plywood together with 1x and had a better shed.
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    Quote:This has been my thoughts too . . .I know the doors are not good at all, so might as well start planning on getting my hands on some throwaway wood and a strong DIY resolve!!!
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    i use a metal shed with no insulation with pretty cold temps. here lately.i use 2 heat lamps and my chickens have been doing fine..
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    A metal shed could be insulated, and I'd pay particular attention to having the roof insulated and sheathed to avoid condensation. Add vents of course, up high. Another option would be to construct a lean-to against your new barn, making use of one wall and the roof slope...[​IMG]
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    I don't know why a metal shed would be any colder than a wooden shed. Most metal sheds usually don't come with windows or vents though. I would think your real problem will be in summer. It will be like an oven filled with trapped ammonia in the shed. It will be even worse if you insulated it. It could be very good for brooding though, if draft free.

    Certainly, windows and vents can be installed. With the proper tools (e.g. metal sawzall blades not wood cutting ones) it shouldn't be too hard.

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