If you want to be respected as an adult.... (Warning: Rant enclosed)

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    ACT LIKE ONE!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I almost started clashing heads with my teacher's aid today. We were all in class talking about how monotonous some things are, and I chimed in with how monotonous school can be.

    TA: School isn’t monotonous.

    Me: Yeah it is. [​IMG]

    TA: It can only be monotonous if you’re doing the same thing every day.

    Me: That’s pretty much what school is.

    TA: No, it’s not.

    Me: I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, then, because PERSONALLY, I think school is monotonous.

    TA: Well, no-

    Thank You, God, that my mom came into the room then!!

    We then all had a nice, civil discussion over personality differences and working together. We had perfect timing for THAT conversation, didn’t we?
    What just irked me beyond belief is that I (THE KID IN THE SITUATION!!) was taking the high road, being the bigger person, et cetera, and ending the conversation. She wouldn’t let it go. This is an adult woman with kids of her own, and she wouldn’t let it drop. I could understand if it was something that actually MATTERED. But my definition of “monotonous” is MY. OWN. BUSINESS. And not up for discussion. If I think school is monotonous, I am allowed to think that. No questions asked.

    Now, I DO see where she was coming from in that yes, I do learn a new concept or fact every day.

    But it’s the same books, the same notebook paper, the same voice on my math CDs, the same TYPE of math problem all too often… It. Is. Monotonous.

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  2. BellevueOmlet

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    Jul 10, 2010
    There is monotony in the routine of school but the evolving learning nature of classes are quite the opposite.

    The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.
    -Albert Einstein
  3. Baymule

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    I had my bored days in school too. I can see you need something more challenging. Hmmmm.............Wait, I got it!! Come go to work with me 10+ hours a day at a garbage company. I'm sure maggots and stinky trash would be infinitely more interesting!!!!! Not to mention greasy mechanics screaming for parts to fix the trucks and customers coming unjointed because they haven't paid their bill and OMG!!! we had the audacity NOT to pick up their trash!

    Yup, quit school now and get a job while you still know everything!
  4. ambrosia

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Honey, I do not disagree with you... there are times when anything can seem monotonous....! The sitch here is the argument, not school itself. I enjoyed school, and would go back (if they let me [​IMG] ) but I do recall days when it all just seemed dull. And I do see that you were attempting to share an opinion without attempting to argue, and that in itself is a sign of maturity. In the future, just say 'to each his own' and let ppl be narrow minded. There will come a day when that aide wakes up and says, "Another day of commute, another day of papers, another day of crappy lunches..." and they will reflect on what you said and realize u were making an observation. And that you were correct. [​IMG]
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    Sourland understands. He too had problems with the 'my way or the highway' attitude of many teachers. My biggest problem was with English teachers who felt that their interpretation of poetry was the only correct interpretation. He too found school boring - loved learning, but had problems with the methods utilized to impart knowledge. A really GOOD teacher makes learning fun. I think you already know that in discussions of this sort you are not going to win. The TA is going to pull rank and you are just going to aggravate yourself. Hang in, it gets better. College is a completely different situation. For me this is where learning really became fun - I had some choice as to what I would be studying, and learning made sense.
  6. Miyashi

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    School bored the crap out of me.
    I had fun sometimes...I know it's not about "fun"
    But it has to hold your interest.
    Not every learning style suits the class as a whole.
    That's the flaw with the education system...around here anyway.
    "Oh you don't get it? Sorry, you fail and you are stupid."
    For me it was math. If the numbers we were using were leading to some end, I did well. Geometry was fine, as there was something to be had.
    Doing all this other crazy stuff just to reach some number for some unknown reason drove me mad and I couldn't figure out the answers because I didn't have a reason to.
    (Other than I get my diploma if I finish and oh what's that, it doesn't count for much? You can't pay for college....oh too bad. Guess you suck then.)
    As we all know, getting an academic scholarship is much more difficult than acquiring an athletic one...so there goes that idea.
    School is monotonous.
    I agree.
    It would be much better if we could afford to teach people in ways that suit them. I don't mean a private teacher for each student either, just want to make that clear.
    I mean having different groups. There are so many ways to learn and we can't all follow the herd.

    About the GARBAGE JOB
    It's a job.
    Those are hard to come by at the moment.
    I bet it pays more than my fast food job.
    Gotta pay the bills.
    People with degrees are working in fast food, retail, GARBAGE, whatever because there isn't anything and you have to take what you can get.

    I did not graduate.
    I'm not condoning it...but in all honesty...
    When I took the GED, I did not study and I passed with very high scores.
    Anything on that test....you didn't acquire that knowledge after 7th grade. It was pretty ridiculous honestly.
    With high school diplomas being worthless, it doesn't seem like much of a difference to me.
    I did not drop out of school because I was lazy either, so I hope no one accuses me of that. People in my life like to try.
    It's interesting.

    I wish I could have finished, for my own satisfaction, even though I know it won't get you far.
    You just have to try to make it fun, ask the right questions. Ask the questions that get everyone going. Make a mess of things. Stir the pot.
    You learn more and things get heated.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
    I'm sorry you had to stand up and be the bigger person. The teacher of all people should be capable of that. That's pretty pathetic.

    I'm done!
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  7. Tanichca

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    [​IMG] I know what ya mean, Ev's. Even in homeschool, its monotonous as all get out. Well, slog through it, you'll be ready for the big world after it's over.

  8. eenie114

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    Quote:Excuse me? I have no intention of quitting school. I plan to finish high school and keep my grades at the same above average level they are, and go on to graduate college with the same good grades. And I never said that school is not interesting. I said that it's MONOTONOUS. I find some aspects of my education VERY interesting, some not so much. Now tell me you weren't the same.
  9. MeatKing

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    I agree with you eenie114, I also think almost anything you do day in and day out can become monotonous...

    You did great, with your agreeing to disagree!!! Some people are just that way..
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    Feb 2, 2011
    I so intend on teaching my children at home... and I'm going to use the Un-school method. What gets remembered that you didn't have an interest in in the first place?

    If it were me.. talking to me as a kid still in the school system.. I would say, since the information does get a little unfocused and not particularly pertinent... use the school time as a way of learning more when it comes to dealing with people. Sure.. you probably do really great with friends and peers... but what about those who believe themselves to be in authority over others? Someday you will have to deal with bosses and supervisors... and I'm sorry, but it doesen't get any easier... much worse in fact.

    In order to best deal with such a person... you have to be able to read them. So make a study of the folks around you.

    Then you know just how far to go when you need to tell them they are wrong, and they are stupid, without their idiotic minds realizing you just called them a moron. [​IMG]

    Or then you know when your boss is actually intelligent and you can openly address issues with them.

    These are the two distinct types of supervisors I have had... and it's not always blatantly obvious which is which.
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