If you won the Powerball or Mega Millions Lotto.......


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Mar 14, 2009
What would be the first thing you did with the money? FIRST.......

Then go ahead and plan out the rest. It's what I've been doing tonight.. dreaming of what wealth would feel like
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1. Pay off ALL of the debt...loans, cars, house, etc.

2. Quit my job....

3. Hire a contractor to build me the chicken coop to beat all chicken coops, heated, with electricity, etc

4. Finish the barn

5. Remove our home and build a new one...

6. Buy the neighbor's house and remove it (and along with it, them!)
pay off all my bills first!! then i would hire a lawyer to move around the money safely.
then my family would go on a 2 week vacation, buy myself a brand new car.
finish the house,oh and buy the house behind me, tear it down, just for the land!
and help other family members out.
i totally forgot QUIT MY job

ooooooh i said your number 6 too........lol
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After taxes are paid
1: LAND: 50-500 acres should work
2: House, coops, barn, wells, pumps, solar and wind power, and full setup to my specifications
3: Loose weight and get healthy - got to live long enough to enjoy it
4: Give a good amount to parents and my brother's family.
5: Donate 25% or more to animal wellness/rescue groups I like. Avoid national organizations.

First, I would save a certain amount for special occasions and for personal use. Then I would donate a certain amount to a worthy cause.
Then I would use it to finish my chicken coop and make it perfect, and then I would keep another portion for this Christmas to buy my friends and family lots of gifts!
1. Pay off all bills
2. Pay off all family bills
3. Buy HUGE FARM w/all necessities
4. Buy homes/cars for family
5. Give sonew123 money to make up for all the shirts she bought

wait...how much money is the power ball right now?
1. Travel the world
2. New house on 300 plus acres
3. Build the largest indoor koi pond and aviary
4. Buy a helicopter
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