If you work in the poultry industry you can't raise backyard birds???

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    Nov 11, 2008
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    So I'm a junior year poultry science major at Mississippi State University and I just recently heard today that when I graduate and start working in the poultry industry I won't be able to raise my own birds because of diseases and cross contamination. Is this 100% true? I couldn't imagine not being able to raise my own birds. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    Perhaps, since you are already a Junior..... you could actually contact potential employers -- and interview them. Could one of your profs - assign you some extra credit research and give you that stamp of approval when you contact industry representatives. ?? (Brainstorming here for the best source of the best info)

    In TX. there are poultry diagnostic labs that are run by TX A&M -- the Vets in charge have always been really helpful and sympathetic to me --- whenever I have contacted them..as just a backyard poultry raiser.....

    I also think that the person who developed the 'Arkansas Blue' chicken raised or developed them in conjuction with University -- so perhaps that is an avenue that you could research.

    If no industry person pops up to give you the difinitive answer -- I hope when you do find it == you will post back. Good luck.
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    It may depend on exactly what you want to do in the poultry industry, but I recently attended a backyard poultry seminar sponsored by University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Several vets working with the poultry industry spoke and they mentioned multiple times that they can't have their own flocks since they work in the industry. As one of them said, "no one wants to be a Typhoid Mary." Don't get discouraged, though. As Chickat recommended, make some contacts, research and talk to people. Maybe you can find a niche that doesn't require you to give up your own flock.
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    May 11, 2010
    True. If you live on site of a professional production farm you can't have your own backyard flock from an outside source.This is the reason why I avoid visiting chicken/turkey farms. I have a friend who runs a turkey farm. When I buy hay from him, I am not allowed within a certain distance to his barns. He actually prefers to deliver the hay to us.

    Unfortunately, the backyard chicken population can be vectors for diseases that can wipe out an entire chicken/turkey farm. And once infected the facility is closed down permanently. And you can't have parrots, either.

    However, your education will open all kinds of options for you. Don't give up and keep your eyes open other opportunities.

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