If you're in Florida and really like Poinsettias

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    The University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Department’s Poinsettia Show and Sale is Thursday and Friday, Dec. 9 and 10.

    More information and a map are located at http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/poinsettia_sale.shtml.

    This is the largest Poinsettia Show of its kind in the country with over 6,000 plants and 150 varieties on display. Last year we had over 800 visitors.

    The Field Day for growers and the industry is Dec. 7 and more information is located at http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/poinsettia_industry.shtml. Plants are not sold on this day.

    Come out and enjoy the show and support the students and their sale.

    Some of my friends go every year without fail. Some really nice varieties come out of UF.

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    WOW!!! I did'nt know they have pink ones!! [​IMG] Looks like i need a few in pink.. Beautiful [​IMG]
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    huh, I used to work for a local greenhouse garden center. they specialized in the poinsettias every years. in fact it was what made most of their money for the year. that place grew more than that in their green houses. they had 36 greenhouses packed with them of every color. it was beautiful there.

    in fact their online site says over 17,000 plants grown this year. now that is alot of pointsettiias
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    They are pretty. I usually go to the sales at the botanical gardens like Fairchild in Miami. They have so many cool plants its like being in a candy store.

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