IGNORE Has anyone ever seen their peahen strut?..NEVER MIND ...

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by chicsrule, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Viewed zoo photos to find peahen doing exactly what mine was doing to intimidate crows ....
    I think my peahen is not as confused as I was \\

    I am not an expert on anything peafowl related. I have a peacock & peahen - purely by circumstance. My peacock is quite young, only growing his 1st train this fall. He struts his stuff frequently and seems normal. I do not know the age of the peahen. She came to us 1st, purely by accident, and we purchased the peacock as a companion bird.

    Anyway, shortly after sun-up this morning I went out to check an injured hen (chicken) and found that my peahen was puffing up her feathers in a fan and strutting like the peacock. I have never seen her do this.

    Is she weird?

    Let me also add that while doing this she appeared to be lunging at the turkey hens on the other side of her pen. (They are in separate enclosures but can see one another.) When my peacock is strutting it is obviously to impress and he will do it for turkey hens, chicken hens, and the peahen, though my peahen seems the least impressed.
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    Yes, peahens will display.
    They will do it to: impress, appear larger for anything they think may be threatening, intimidate,
    protect young, and gain pecking order.

    Lucky you, that you have gained peas by accident!!!
    They are fantastic for learning avian behavior by observation.

    Your peahen will get more interested in you male this spring, I bet!

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