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    I'm so bummed. Grace is about as last night, looking very weak and uninterested in anything - just hanging out under the heat lamp..... but, frankly, I was surprised to find her alive at all.
    Worse though, is that I think Eleanor may be coming down with the same thing. Although plump and healthy looking, she is much more subdued than the rest of the chicks today. I had already started keeping an eye on her yesterday as I thought she was a little quieter than usual and today it seems more pronounced. She is eating and looks semi-normal but is definitely not 100% and is doing more standing around inactive looking like a chicken clump. Particularly in the morning they are usually all eager for fresh food etc. but she's only semi-interested.
    Should I put all the chicks on the Sulmet antibiotic water for two or three days? I also have the terramycin... not sure which is better to use.... which tastes better??
    Anyway, this is so depressing - bad enough to have one sick chick, intolerable if it starts to spread more.....

    This is a friend of mine that is having issues closely resembling Cocci except their droppings are very normal. Also she feeds them regularly/daily live culture yogurt. 7 weeks old, doing fine up until recent and went into that "vulture" stance. No wheezing, coughing nor breathless. Always clean water, feed and no real color changes (blue/gray), no swollen face or eyes.
    Any clues??? As you read above, she has them on sulmet, isolated the 1st ill bird. I hope she will read this as I'll be away from the computer!
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    Thanks guys. FYI chick is dead, so Mods, you can remove this.

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