Ill chicken with yellow poo


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
One of my hens has recently got really tired and slow moving and sometimes hunches up and sits in the corner on her own. She has a very pale comb, isnt laying any eggs, recently moulted and has bright yellow poo!! Any help?!?!?!
Is she eating & drinking? Mine is not, but has same symptoms you describe. Did you check her crop?

That's exactly what's going on with my hen- pale, shrunken comb & wattles, low activity level, runny yellowish poop- (I didn't look at the link you posted for color). Mine is not eating or drinking and has been acting 'anti-social' for several days. I didn't pay attention to it at first b/c we had really bad weather several days ago, and that next morning were short an egg, but figured whichever one was just really spooked by the storm. Then my hubby said one of them didn't get off the roost last night when he put them up, so I watched them this AM to see if they were still acting different.

I thought my hen might be eggbound so I started checking her out, and her crop was really full & super hard this AM when I checked on them, so I have treated her for an impacted crop 2x so far. Her activity level picked up a little in between sessions, but she still wasn't eating or drinking that I saw, except that she quite eagerly drank the oil I offered her.

Your post has got me wondering if maybe something else is going on now too...
Tired and slow moving = serious. If you are able, avian vet. Alternatively, consider contacting Peter Brown at First State vet Supply (google) - he does phone consults and is a wealth of info.

Meanwhile post every detail you can think of so folks here can best help you. What is her diet? Last time you saw her eating and acting perfectly well? Last time she laid egg? What general area you live in (so whether its naturally a slow time for eggs can be ascertained)

Keep her warm, keep her comfortable, preferably with a good feather buddy. Keep her hydrated - you can dribble water ever so gently along her beak line with a dropper so she swallows on her own and doesn't choke. Ditto above poster's question re: whether she is eating or drinking?

slighly better, no worse, but she has apple cider vinegar in her water, and ive given her some herban, and she has not layed any eggs for quite a while because she has been moulting, but just finishing now, but none of my chckens have ever been like this!?!?!

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