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    I bought 6 "kapok" chickens from a farmer, 1 rooster 5 hens. Now 2 and a half months later, my one hen breed on the eggs, and one of the other is looking ill. Her comb is colourless and very small. I've kept an eye on her, at first she shared the breeding hens space, but after a week got out. One morning when I fed the flock, she was standing eyes closed at the feeder. I've whistled softly to get her attention not to give her a fright. She opened her eyes, but did not run off like the others do, she let me stroke her back. Since then she only got more quiet, and her comb smaller and more colourless. Please help...

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    The sick hen could have worms, mites, or coccidiosis. Check her under the vent and on the neck for lice and mites, or eggs. When changing from one farm to another chickens may be exposed to new strains of coccidia. Symptoms are lethargic acting, puffed up in a ball, and diarrhea (sometimes with blood.) Corid (amprol or amprollium) is the treatment 1 tsp powder or 2 tsp liquid to 1 gallon of water for 5-7 days. In Great Britain it may be called Coxoid may be used. Worm loads can cause a decrease in laying. Valbazen or Flubenvet would be good to use.

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