I'll never have chickens... but love this site because....


8 Years
May 31, 2011
.... I have lots of ducks and geese and this site has helped me so much!!! I'll never have chickens because our land is very swampy and ducks love it plus.... duck eggs are delicious so who needs chickens? :) But I do need all the experience you "chicken" folk have to offer!

I'm Darlene, from Snohomish WA in the US

I've been on a farm for 3 years now (before that nothing but city critters for me with an intermittent mix of raccoons, snakes, lizards, ferrets and bunnies, raised and loved by our family).

I currently have over 30 ducks (Indian Runners and Muscovies) and 12 geese (African, Embden and Toulouse) with more arriving every day.

When I'm not obsessing over the latest hatch of ducks or geese, I'm playing boardgames with lots of Microsoft folk in Redmond WA. (Really intense, strategic boardgames that keeps the brain cells on their toes).

Currently I live with my "spice" (we aren't married so "spouse" doesn't fit and ....... one wonderful Akita/Pit Bull dog who guards my ducks and geese, (keeping the coyotes and coons at bay), 10 goats of several different breeds (including a "unicorn"), 1 llama to guard the goats, 6 barn cats we feed and several"guest" cats who show up for a quick meal every once in a while, and a wild Mallard couple who hang out on the edges of my poultry orchard. And inside the house, 3 Guinea Pigs who talk to me constantly.

I'm already a fan of one of your members, chickensioux I think, whose posts have saved a life or two here on our little plot of heaven (I jest - it's a mud pit with "potential" ha ha ).

all critter people are good people..
welcome to byc

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