I'll or Injured Bantam Hen, Please Help!

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  1. LordOfTheFiends

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    Feb 5, 2013
    We have had Bantams since last year and ever since then they have all been fine, except this morning when we discovered one of them was just sitting flopped on her front with her wings spread out and not moving, we took her in and proceeded to nurse her whist keeping a close eye on her. She was fine and very jolly yesterday but it seems this happened over night or this morning.

    She is still drinking but we have to feed her manually, on certain occasions she will put her head down and start to vibrate or fall into a seizure. She was introduced to the group a few weeks after we got our first Bantams and ever since then she was constantly getting pecked and pushed around, she is also in laying season so i'm not sure if she is just worn out or is injured because of the pecking order.

    As i am typing now she is trying to walk but every time she tries she flops onto her face and falls onto her back.[​IMG]
    This is her at the moment being nursed by us.

    This is a picture of her feet, they seems to be spread out but not curled.

    I have read many symptoms of illnesses or injuries but not one of the match her symptoms, the closest was Marek's Disease, but it still wasn't close enough. I was heading towards taking her to an Aviary Vet but the closest one from me is about 120 miles away.

    I really need some help, just some advice or methods will do, she is a beautiful Bantam, she has the most impressive Afro.

    Thank You
  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    [​IMG] , sorry for the circumstances. It seems as if she is suffering some sort of a neurological problem. Perhaps Mareks, but also perhaps a blow to the head. If she were mine I would keep her confined in a quiet spot and monitor the situation. If it is the result of a blow to the head, it may gradually resolve on it's own depending upon the nature of the damage. Good luck. She is a beautiful bird.
  3. LordOfTheFiends

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    Feb 5, 2013
    I woke up this morning to discover she is walking around and eating on her own, she laid an egg in the night and is quite broody. :)

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