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    Hi everyone! I have had my first bio-emergency. [​IMG] Two sick chickens...coincidentally it's just my EE's. I isolated them in my chicken hospital [​IMG] and their symptoms are stinky (uric smelling) white diarrhea with a little yellowish stain, listless, loss of weight, pale comb, standing hunched with tail down and no eggs for about a week prior. One died but the one that has been sicker the longest is actually looking better today...drinking and eating. I started them on tetracylcline yesterday (the other girls are getting a lower dosage for a couple of days just as a precaution) and thoroughly cleaned and bleached the coop and replaced the litter--talk about an all day affair. I think it might be enteritis but I'm not sure. But after some anti-biotics they are all going be wormed with Wazine....I've never wormed them before. I put Racey, the one that died, in the freezer and I'm going to take her to a nearby livestock lab for an accurate diagnoses. After she died I held her upside down, squeezed her crop and a stinky green liquid came out of her mouth. I couldn't wait until next week to start treatment, I don't want to lose anymore. And I know the tetracycline can bind up calcium if my hunch is incorrect.

    Okay so my question long after all this can we start to eat the eggs again??? Any ideas would be enormously appreciated. Thank you. [​IMG]
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    When my chickens got sick & I called the state vet, he told me to put them on Terramycin....double strengthen it in the water.

    Then he said, you haven't asked me one question....& I asked what is that? He said, you forgot to ask if you can eat the eggs.

    I laughed & said I just feed them back to the chickens & he said that was fine & that you can eat the eggs even while treating with the meds.

    He says he eats them that way when he has to treat the chickens.

    I always thought you had to wait about 2 weeks after you stopped meds but he said it wasn't necessary cause there is such a very tiny trace amt in the eggs.

    Unless you are allergic to the med yourself, he said it was fine to eat the eggs.

    So I guess what ever you are comfy with....your decision but that is what the STATE VET said. [​IMG]
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    You have to wait 14 days, I just finished worming my flock and infact my vet gave me the wormer and told m to wait for eggs consuming for 14 days.

    good luck.

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