Illness from wild waterfowl can they chickens get it?

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    Ok, I have done a bit of looking and can not find a solid answer. This is something I have always wondered. If is possible that wild waterfowl and birds can spread illness to your backyard flock of chickens and or ducks, geeses etc...?

    If so what are some of the illness that wild birds carry?
    If it is possible, and since alot of it is air-born how do commercial/large backyard places deal with the change of sickness.


  2. The simple answer is 'yes'.

    Big operations and many of the rest of us practice biosecurity to prevent airborne disease, and other organisms from entering our flocks. Then we cross our fingers...[​IMG]
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    I think that one of the biggest threats from wild birds comes in the form of parasite: especially mites & lice. You can treat these with Sevin dust 5%

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