ILT: to vaccinate or not?

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    I've been searching the internet trying to decide whether or not to vaccinate against ILT and I'm not really finding anything that's helping me to decide. Every year around this time I get sick birds; this year, I realized that the only ones getting sick are the ones that weren't here to be sick in previous years (youngsters, new additions). This led me to conclude that what is in my flock is viral in nature as opposed to a bacterial infection. After seeing some cough up blood, I'm 99% certain that it's ILT they have. Most are recovering quite well; I've been bringing them in as symptoms appear, putting them in a warm, dry room and treating with ACV in the water and turmeric in fermented grain. I lost 3 out of the 12 that have been treated so far, another pointer towards ILT.

    So, from what I've been able to find, vaccinating makes the bird a carrier and therefore the vaccinated bird can still pass the virus on; even the non-shedding vaccine is no guarantee against transmission. Considering this, is there really a point to vaccinating, other than to (potentially) reduce mortality rates, when they're getting immunity from simply being sick anyway? I'd like to hear from everyone's experiences before I make a final decision. Thanks!
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    Get an actual diagnosis, and then have a plan. Don't treat/ vaccinate for the wrong thing! Contact your state veterinary path lab or poultry veterinarian, and find out how to handle testing. Mary
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    I would but I'm between jobs and awaiting EI. By the time I get some money in, they'll probably all be better. My province does have a vaccination program in place specifically for ILT which tells me that it's a common problem here. Also, I can't find any other poultry illness where coughing up blood is a symptom.
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    Basically, what I'm asking here is: If people have had it, did they vaccinate yes or no and why, or have they vaccinated and what were the results (birds got sick anyway, passed it onto other birds, birds stayed healthy for life, etc.), stuff like that. It's a good question to ask regardless of the actual diagnosis of my flock.
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