Im a chickohalic.


May 14, 2020
Amersham, London, United Kingdom
Hello guys, I had a flock with only hens and last summer I bought Ayam Cemani eggs and I only got one rooster out that. I later bought frizzles, silkies eggs and I rented a rooster from my friend and hatched some of our eggs. Lets just say, I went all chickohalic last summer, so now Ive got one silkie rooster, one rooster (from our flock), one Ayam Cemani rooster and one frizzle rooster, and the rest are all girls. I have three other silkies that I bought later on and I wasnt sure of their genders, so do you guys have any idea of what gender these silkies are, I dont mind taking more pictures if you ask me to be specific. Also, I really want my oldest Ayam Cemani to mature so I can finally have a rooster, when do you think hell mature, hes currently 6 month old, and the other roosters are about 4. Hes a bit of an antisocial guy, but im sure hell do fine, right? Attached I have a picture of the Ayam Cemani rooster and the unknown gender of the three silkies (black, grey, white). Please reply soon, please and thanks.


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They are pretty and as far as I know around 6 months they should be mature. But I have never had standard breed roosters. Only bantam rooster so I’m not sure if their is a difference

All the silkies look like pullets to me but im not sure
Can i get some experts in here?!
Breeds with black skin ARE notoriously hard to sex. How old is the Cemani? 6 mo? I would normally say boy, but at that age, it could be a mature pullet. Do you have full-body pictures of it standing up, in the daylight?
The silkies DO look female.

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