I'm a horrible mother!

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    May 1, 2011
    Olathe, Kansas
    Hey everyone!
    So, i have 4 hens. I've had them since March, and we've been planning on getting a chicken coop since then too. Well, we we still haven't gotten one yet. Our chickens live i a dog pen and have little hutches, but they are wire and they sleep on a make-shift perch on top of them. They can go inside the cage for rain shelter, but the wind could still blow rain into the cages.

    Yesterday was cold, wet, rainy, and windy. While i was at school, the temp went from 65-40 in less that 50 minutes!

    My chickens don't live at my house. We don't have enough room here. Our chickens live at out grandma's house which is less than 4 minutes away.

    I was having a pretty stressful day yesterday, so all that was on my mind was: homework, homework, homework, and BYC.
    At about 7:00, the wind really started to howl, and the rain picked up. I was chatting with <3Chickenforever when suddenly i remembered; THE HENS!!! After a panic attack with <3Chickenforever, my mom finally came home.

    I told her about the hens. She wasn't too worried, and said "They will be fine. They can go inside the cage if they need to!" Knowing my chickens, i didn't thinkn they would figure that out! but, i still relaxed a bit and calmed down. But a few minutes later, the wind picked up again and it started to sleet. I got really worried and talked to my mom some more. 'I'm sure they will be fine!" She said. " They have feathers for a reason!" Yes mom, but feathers aren't exactly waterproof. [​IMG]

    After about 30 minutes of panicking, my mom finally agreed to go check on them. They were not fine. 2 of the Red sex links were on thier usial perch, sitting in the rain soaked. The other 2 were actually inside the hutch! But it didn't help too much because the rain was still getting to them. the ground was swamped. Thier food was soup. thier water was muddy. I was suprised to find tht i couldn't open the door fully. I didn't know why, but i figured out it was because the tarp over thier cage was full of water, and hanging down. ( The tarp didn't help anything because the rain was blowing in diagonally). I quickly took my soaked sweeties to the car. My mom (for an unknown reason [​IMG]) dumped the tarp over and gallons of water poured out into thier already swamped ground. We quickly got the hens home. In the bathroom, i got the wettest one named Pebbles and blow dried her a little. She did not like that! After that i got them some food. They ate like they hadn't eaten in days!
    Once they were full, we got thier cages ready and they went to bed, warm, full, and dry.

    This morning, i went down to find some happy hens, and eggs! Fresh eggs! We treated them like pigs, and they still have the heart to lay us some breakfast! Although, they can't really help it!

    I searched for a coop online (even though i have had many failed attempts). And suprisingly, i found a perfect coop for only 200$ on Craigslist!!! [​IMG]

    I still feel really bad though. I feel so bad that our pets had to suffer from our stupid mistakes. procrastinating is really wwhat i mean.
    Lesson learned!!
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    Nov 2, 2011
    Ooh! That was close! Good thing they were okay!!
  3. lvchicken

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    Feb 1, 2011
    I'm glad you found such a great deal!! It must be fun having them home for a little while!
  4. ChickenPeep

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    May 1, 2011
    Olathe, Kansas
    They were so confused when they first got home!

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