I'm a little dissapointed (vent)

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by olp_63, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. olp_63

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    This isn't such a big deal, but I don't really have anyone to vent to, so here I am. [​IMG]

    I was supposed to go buy a Muscovy duck from someone just down the road from us. A certain person in my family who shall remain un-identified, told me we'd go today. But as it turns out, we aren't going today, and probably are never going to go. I know, I know, no big deal....But it's just that I had EVERYTHING ready! I just got paid yesterday and had a few bucks to burn, I set up his temporary enclosure (our coop is about a week from being finished). The pen I made is fantastic! It's so roomy and perfect! I'd move in to it! Plus it took me like 3 hours to build it, rebuild it, and then perfect it!

    Anyway, in short, I'm not the kind of person that takes dissapointments like this very well. I hate when something is all figured out and planned, and I've been counting on it and then - GONE! Some things are easier to handle than others...this is just such a let down. I was so unbelievably excited [​IMG]. I'd have no problem (neither would my parents) just driving up the street and buying the duck myself. But sadly I don't have my lisence yet.

    Today is a sad day, it's even raining relentlessly. :thun

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  2. onthespot

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    Mar 29, 2008
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    got a raincoat and a bicycle?
  3. SpottedCrow

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    Life is full of small disappointments, but at the time they feel so large...I'm sorry that someone broke their promise...that's just rotten...Can you tell them how disappointed in them that you are...
  4. miss_jayne

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    you must live pretty close to me! it is raining like crazy!

    expectation is what sets us up to be frustrated. it's like expecting someone to give us an engagement ring on Christmas, but you get a necklace in a little box. it's YOUR expectation that sets you up. we all go through it; it does get easier to deal with if you set your expectations of others to encompass all aspects of a situation. i know that doesn't make your ducky show up![​IMG]

    (please don't take this negatively, unfortunately, electronic transfer doesn't allow for the tone in which something is stated!)

    when the time is right, you'll have all you should have and want! being a good pet and livestock owner will have it's moments like this. decide to make the duck a goal, not an emotional experience.

    can you ride a bike down? walk? can the owner bring it to you? also, sit down and talk to the person who was supposed to give you the ride. talk like it is a business interview. especially if the person is a parent...respect and honor will get you very far.

    hey...the rain is stopping here! (i'm in lapeer county...)
  5. olp_63

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    Quote:lol....yes. But I doubt I could find a way to cary that huge duck all the way home on my bike. [​IMG]
  6. ole-crone

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    I feel your pain. I know exactly how you feel.

    When I was a teen, we had tickets to a Beatles concert. My grandmother bought 3 - one for me, my brother (who would be driving) and our cousin.

    His wife left him and he thought a great way to bribe her back would be to take her to the concert. So he asked my cousin and me if one of us would give up their ticket for her to go instead. No way!

    Long story short - he refused to take us.

    FYI - tickets back then only cost like $8!
  7. olp_63

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    Quote:The Beatles?! Oh my gosh!!!! Talk about a let down...
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  8. chick4chicks

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    Apr 6, 2008
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    I am sorry you got disappointed. Talk to the person that let you down and tell them how you feel, be respectful but let your feelings be known. Good luck.
  9. coffeelady3

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    If you explain to them the situation, and they do indeed just live down the street, maybe they would be kind enough to bring the duck to you?
  10. jenjscott

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    May 24, 2008
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    Did they say you couldn't have the duck, or they're just not taking you? Ride the bike, carry a back pack. If you really want it, and are allowed to have it, you can figure something out. Heck, hike out there and carry it home under your arm if you have to, how bad do you want it?

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