Im a new-bee!!!


7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hi Im yasi today we are getting 2-3 chicks from hose springs MO we live in St.louis. Any ways we are soo intrested in getting chicks but i have no clue, how big of a container they need, and some things like were to keep them. We have lots of baskets but im not sure if they are big enough, And do chicks have lots of needs and costs? Thanks Please answer soon!!!!

A basket can work for the first week or so, but you'll be better with a brooder that's big enough for them to run around in. Have you got a heat lamp to keep them warm? You'll also need a shallow water dish (so they don't get too wet when they walk into it) and some chick starter food.
It's better to keep them inside a building for the first 2-3 weeks or somewhere draught free, warm and dry. Apart from that they don't need much.
Enjoy your babies!
Cool thanks for the info my 4 little babys are happey in a GIANT plastic container with lots of bedding and food with a nice poltrey waterer. Thanks for the help

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