I'm a newb..thanks for this great place for chickens like me..


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I have lots of questions..just got a rooster that was running around the neighborhood...
the lady it belonged to caught it the next day and let me have him..lol
had to purchase a coop..of course..and now, he needs some girls..
I got two from out of town..but one already died..I was looking on line for why ..it could have been stress..as it had no feathers on it's back...I called it the naked chicken..I did bury her..I had to..sadly
so, the rooster is a bany..and I think I have one rhode island red..looking for at least one more maybe two..
Question: will they stay warm enough this winter...do they huddle up?
can't take photos..wish I could..so I could show you what I have here.
sorry to ramble on and hop around..that's my nature..I'll tone it down soon..

why did my rooster stop crowing..another question..
thanks for having me..I love this place

finally, got some chickens and rooster..and some one to chat about them to..
The one hen that died and had feathers missing on back may have been overbred by some rooster at her former home. They usually end up with no feathers on their back and worse. A rooster can handle 10 hens, so two hens aren't going to be enough for him - and your two hens will suffer greatly once his hormones kick in. It would be easier to get rid of the rooster and just have some happy hens - unless you plan to add another 8 hens to the flock. Is the rooster worth all that expense? If the lady let you have him - there is some reason she didn't want him. Lots of people just dump out roosters if they are any problem.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! I agree with DD. Rather get some more hens for that rooster, but before you do that it would help to know what caused the hen's death. I know it will be very difficult to figure it out now, but can you remember her
showing any symptoms? Try and remember and make a list of as much as you can, even if it's minor details and start a thread here so the members can try and help you figure this out:


Have you checked and treated them for internal or external parasites such as worms/mites? If you get more chickens, would it be possible for you to keep them quarantined for a few weeks to make sure they are clean and healthy? This is very important as chickens sometimes carry "hidden" diseases or pests that is not obvious or is laying dormant until the stress of being rehomed causes it to flare up. There are a few discussions in the Predators and Pests section about preventing and controlling parasites and pests and in the Learning Center you'll find some articles on maintaining a healthy flock, quarantine etc.

On your winter question, chickens have a warm feather duvet to keep them warm. As long as they have a cozy, dry, draught free coop in winter they'll be fine. There is a discussion on keeping chickens in winter that you may find interesting here:


Best of luck with your flock!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

You do not necessarily need a whole group of hens for a rooster, it depends on his temperament and how much he breeds his girls. Some roosters do quite well with just a few hens.
well, thank you for all the comments and ovation..

so excited to be here I forgot to formally introduce myself..y
I live in Louisville, KY....a small place after being in some others I've seen.

I am a Grandmother of three...two girls and one boy. ...I myself had three girls..and happy they're all grown and on their own...

I sometimes get lonely but never bored.

have a pit bull dog and an old kitty.. very old something like seventeen years old..and very spry for her age..like me...haha..

having these chickens and rooster now will keep me even more busy..almost went to get two more hens today and told that they're black sexlink?

hoping these work better than that gold one that passed.....thinking about it...what happened to her could have been that when I went to purchase I saw where she came from was very crowded..all hens..and they probably were highly stressed..I am learning here..
the man I purchased her from sells at the flea market and told me he had run out..he probably just turns them and really doesn't care much how they are taken care of ..what a shame...

this next couple I plan to get are about an hour away....and my ride had to go to the dentist today..so, we plan to go sometime this week..this seller seems to have a better set up for chickens..and found her on CraigList as I am so eager to have some through the winter even if they don't lay they'll be happy by spring to take off...hopefully...

finally, since I wasn't sure what killed that hen..other than stress..I went and purchased some grapefruit seed oil and put some drops in their water just in case it was some kind of cold? I read somewhere on the net that it is some type of antiseptic for fowl and humans..I even put a drop on my tongue to see what I was giving to them..not too bad...This morning when I got out there they looked quite chipper....made me happy...doesn't take much..

one last comment..if you see me logged in..well, I decided to stay logged in to jump right in.
thanks to all that have welcomed me and happy to be here amongst my fellow feather loving friends..
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