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Mar 22, 2008
Hi all, I posted this message in the wrong section origionally and it was suggested I repost it. Please bear with me I am a newbee.

We live in Kansas and have about 25 assorted breed chix and 32 guineas at present that live in the barn. We have more baby chix coming and are planning on hatching guineas also.
We have been offered a 16 x 70 mobile home to use as a chix house. The shell is in good shape but the wiring and plumbing is shot. Although it
has many possibilies I know it will need some modifications. Any advise you all could give would be so greatly appreciated. Pros, Cons, modifications. suggestions.

Thanks so much



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Apr 16, 2007
Evening Shade, AR
Hi Connie & Welcome to BYC!

A friend of ours has an old mobile home that she uses for raising up her baby animals. They reworked the electric and plumbing before turning it into the baby house and she loves it. When they "remodeled" it, she had her husband tear out the interior walls so that they could build the individual "rooms" for specific animal needs.

I hope this is a bit of help to you and hopefully someone will come along that has personal experience.



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Apr 20, 2007
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I know that Robert Plamondon (www.plamondon.com, if that link is allowed here?) has written more than once about seriously thinking of converting a singlewide trailer for chicken use. He seems like a generally sensible and resourceful kinda guy so I do not think your idea is so wild. Try it, let us know what happens
I think the main things would be predatorproofing, putting down extra plywood or floor vinyl, and painting a good waterproof sealer on all the inside walls (maybe put plywood partway up them, as well)

Good luck,


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