Im a newbie, am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Doddeldoo, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Doddeldoo

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Oak View Ca.
    Hi everyone,
    I have been watching with interest and anxious to get my own coop going; however I live in a very rural area.

    I have an acre that backs up to another 15 acres. There is a seasonal creek, and many many critters that pass through.

    I have seen seveal coyotes during the day, and the racoons often hang out on my deck at night.

    I know I have to create a preditor proof coop, and run (free range out of the question) but wondered if it was even possible in an area like mine.

    Am I just asking for trouble, and should I just continue to watch from the saftey of my computer?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. Welcome to the wonderful crazy world of chickens!![​IMG]
    If you have a real desire to have chickens than do it. Maybe just start with a few and see which ones you like and how it goes. I warn you they can be addicting though. I believe knowledge and preparation is power, have everything ready for at least your brooder arrangement before you start. While they are in the brooder you can plan and make your coop, many great ideas out there. By the way, a good book is storey's guide to raising chickens many good ideas in there on predators. I also have lots of predators; coyotes, groundhogs, and coons to name a few. I have a couple of hunting dogs in a kennel that i keep near the chickens and They do keep some predators away. I'm sure some others can give some great advice on the predators as well.
  3. CarriBrown

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    Yes, this is a great book. There is a section in there that talks about building a preditor proof coop.
  4. Doddeldoo

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Oak View Ca.
    Thanks Peeps... the book is on it's way [​IMG]
  5. HandsomeBuff

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    Jan 29, 2007
    I have this book as well!!! It's awesome, great read [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. prariechiken

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    Feb 9, 2007
    A very well built pen, a yard dog and an electrical fence system can keep you some safe chickens. I live in the middle of no where, with coons, skunks, weasels, possums, bobcats, coyotes, owls, hawks, and occasional cougar sighting... and I have more chickens, (even a group of free range girls) than I care to tell. With this book and the great group of people on here willing to help ya, you'll have a flock in no time....

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