im a newbie and im losing 6 week old chicks every few days


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
i have 2 full grown hens doing fine i bought 20 6 week chicks they look and act healthy but the first day and half i lost 3. 2 days later i lost 3 more 3 days after that i lost 2 . the rest seem fine . the hens do a little picking but nothing to bad . im i doing something wrong what can i do to save the rest
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Yep! That's what my hens started to do. But luckily I was there when it all started so I could pull them out and they were all their own!
PLEASE take them out.....tonight..I mean now!
They are babies and have only you to look out for them! It was very upsetting when I saw it start to happen. The hen jumped on the chick and held it down with its feet and pecked it. I had to pull it away from her as well as the rest of them! They must have died a most horrifying death having to watch the other chicks get killed and then run so they wouldn't be next!
Good Luck!
I agree..they shouldn't be with adult birds..
and should be kept warm and out of draft.

what all are you feeding the chicks?
describe the droppings..

they are either being killed by the hens
or have cocci
or wrong diet.

at 6 weeks they should be getting only chick/starter feed, and chick vitamins.

what all are you feeding the hens?
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thanks i took the hens out so hopefully that will do it the chicks are eating a medicated chicken starter the guy i got them from only fed them scratch my hens eat 18% egg ration and scratch with plenty of water

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