I'm a real man now, they are in the fridge.


9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
Valparaiso, Indiana
Creepy at first. The killing was the easiest. Plucking by far the hardest. Digging into warm body cavity unexpectantly icky. Doing the first and second, I thought I'll never do this again; by the 7th, I was already planning the next time. None of it ever happens without the support of this forum.
Thank you all
Good for you! And I know egg-zactly what you mean. First time, didnt have to kill, as the chicken died right in front of me. Processed, skinned, didnt pluck, gutted, cut into parts, all without the right equipment. Resultant pieces sorta resembled chicken parts. Sorta. Puppies didnt care.

Next one I planned a little better, got a sharper knife, did a lot better. Even the reaching in and pulling...blech....but okay, was like a puzzle, seeing all the parts.

Did 2 more this weekend, one half grown roo for the puppies, one cornish X for me. Turned out perfect. Im planning on doing more.

Congrats...high five to you!
Good job Dan way to put the feelings aside and concentrate on the task at hand, without getting all sissyified LOL. Your next batch ought to go like clockwork. So how did you like the way they turned out and their wieghts ??
Grew up farming and hunting.. cleaned my first rabbit at a young age, think I was 8. (didn't hold the knife alone)

Did my first deer at 12, and saw cattle, hogs and such "done" as we say all my years. To me this is just " how it is"... BUT to this subject I'll say that I do not take jokes or "silly" well when I do this job. It's a job and one that wants respect. Last night, as I used the Kill Cones, a fellow came by to watch "the birds flop around".

on went the jokes.

UH! find such things annoying.

congarats on your job.
I see you remember, bigredfeather.
The answer is both. A few roosters on the way, with some hens as well, of Delawares, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Wyandottes. I figure you need to see as much as possible, first hand, to make any real judgements. I wouldn't be shocked if I appreciate CX after this next batch. Fun stuff either way.

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