im about to die....


9 Years
Aug 5, 2010
Florida the Sunshine Spot!
my baby mallard named simon who is 5 weeks old.... he got lost in my woods and and the last i saw of him he looked at me stopped and tried to to follow but then stopped and ran off....... i went back outside and i hear her quack and ruslting noises...... im about to break down........
and its nightime...
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Do you have any treats that she might like?

I hope she'll find a safe place tonight and you'll see her in the morning.
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I would head out with a flash light and call for him. Watch your feet though. If you can't find him set out a small shelter, box or something, and put food and water in it. good luck
Oh I'm sorry. I'm sure he's fine. All of the other answers were great ideas. Maybe you could carry the other ducklings in a closed box with air holes see if they attract him back.
I hope you find him!
So did you find Simon????

I know how horrid they can be come night time. I had one left out the other night and did not know it. I was very surprised the next morning because they are usually all together and go into the coop at dark for me to close up.
no we did not find him im still hoping he is somewere lost than dead and will come back... i just wish i could of got him in the coop my dad went into the woods looking all night but no sign of simon....i cried all night becuase i think he got taken by an owl or somethin..i just wish i could find him and thank you all for the advice....

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